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Natural 20

Managing dice made easy. For iPhone, iPad and iWatch

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Summary Of Natural 20 - for Rolling Dice

  • Fifteen screens of features
  • One tap dice roll
  • Easily filter multiple dice and roll again
  • Create your own dice
  • Stores a history of all your rolls.
  • Voice Over support
  • Dark Mode support
  • Split Screen support
  • Cheaper than buying lots of dice!

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Fifteen screens of features

Quick Roll

Simply pick your dice, and you have an instant result. Ideal for Dungeons & Dragons, Quick Roll offers the following eight dice; D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and D100.

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Multiple Dice

In multiple dice mode you can mix your dice together as you please. Multiple dice mode has been designed with Warhammer in mind, and you can easily filter the dice at the touch of a button. The remaining dice can be rolled again to find out how many enemies you wound. Stats, such as average and the sum, are displayed for each roll saving you counting on screen. Buttons are provided to remove the highest or lowest rolls, as well as any range in between.
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Great for large numbers of dice, or combinations with a modifier. You can even roll random numbers of dice, like 2D6D6.

Roll History

Natural 20 keeps track of all your rolls, so you can prove you actually rolled that 20! The dice stored in your history can be easily re-rolled and filtered. You can move the dice around the screen, and it will remember your order.
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Custom Die

Custom Die lets you choose the sides of the dice, by separating them with commas. Natural 20 will pick a single item, or order them randomly into a list.

Range Die

Pick any range, and receive a random number. Your three most rolled ranges are available at the press of a button.

Coordinate Die

The coordinate die will handle ranges of numbers, simply pick your x and y axis to roll. There's also an optional z axis.

Teacher's Die

Handy for the classroom, this die will be helpful for Maths and English. You can use it to randomly pick letters, numbers and mathematical operators. When picking letters you can specify if they are upper or lowercase, and also pick between vowels and consonants.
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Colour Die

This will give you a random colour, just run your finger across the screen like a paintbrush. Displayed on the screen will be some basic information. For example the colour’s hex number, HSB and RGB values.

Direction Die

This will point you in a totally random direction with each spin, and even has a scatter mode for Warhammer. Scatter mode has a one in three change of showing an alternative scatter arrow. Swipe the screen to spin your direction, however you can only influence which way it spins, not the outcome!

Success Die

Repeatedly rolls D6’s, discarding when they fail to meet a certain value. The total successes are added up, and displayed on screen.

Word Die

Keep collections of words, to randomise at a touch. Ideal for selecting locations and enemies randomly. You can even use it to decide which part of an enemy your sword struck! You can even randomise your words as a whole list.

My Dice

My Dice allows you to save your own collections of dice, along with a description and optional modifier. These can be easily searched through, and rolled from a single tap.

Dice Builder

Chose how many sides your dice have, and their colours. Natural 20 offers ten different colours, and a random colour option.

Playing Card Deck

This screen simulates a deck of playing cards. Specify the number of cards you need, and they'll be drawn without repetition. You can shuffle the deck at any time, to start again.


Distribution allows you to create probability distribution plots for specified dice. These will show you the percentage chance of rolling a particular face value, and you can compare actual rolls against theoretical results. However, large numbers of dice can take a long time to calculate for theoretical plots. Once you have your results, you can export them by email.

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